Aaron Roth

Principal and Head of Federal Strategy & Security

Aaron Roth is a Principal at The Chertoff Group where he leads federal strategy and security. 

Aaron helps companies identify and mitigate risk, coordinate and plan business operations, and understand federal market dynamics. He uses his extensive leadership experience to steer corporate leaders across a vast array of commercial sectors through security risk management and organic growth planning and decision-making. Aaron also specializes in guiding companies to understand and navigate growth opportunities within the federal government.

Previously, Aaron was the Deputy Executive Assistant Administrator for Operations Support at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) where he led TSA’s global strategies, security policy, industry engagement, intelligence and analysis, vetting programs, and requirements and capabilities analysis. He also served as Chief of Staff for the Chief of Operations where he also supported and directed the Offices of Security Operations, Law Enforcement/Federal Air Marshal Service.

Aaron served as a Captain (O-6) in the U.S. Coast Guard and retired after 24 years of service. In his last assignment, he acted as the Coast Guard Commandant’s strategic advisor where he specialized in emerging strategies and policy issues. Aaron also previously served as the Operations Officer of the Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT) – the Coast Guard’s high-risk law enforcement and counter-terrorism unit. While at the MSRT, he served as the Service’s liaison to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Hostage Rescue Team. He was also a Commanding Officer of a Patrol Boat and held staff assignments in the Chief of Staff’s office during the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security and the Commandant’s Strategic Analysis Directorate.

Engagement Highlights

  • Guided a large aerospace and defense contractor through a homeland security market analysis, matching their capabilities to the needs across operating agencies.
  • Facilitated the collaboration and development of a large technology company’s growth lever in the security and facilitation sector of their business.
  • Provided expertise and counsel to one of the largest commercial associations in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Participated on the Crisis Management Team – reporting to the C-suite – for one of the largest consulting firms in the world during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Deputy Executive Assistant Administrator, TSA (Senior Executive)
  • Chief of Staff for the Chief of Operations, TSA (Senior Executive)
  • Commandant’s Strategic Advisor, USCG (O-6)
  • Chief of Mission Planning and Performance, USCG (O-6)
  • Maritime Security Response Team Operations Officer, USCG
  • Patrol Boat Commanding Officer, USCG


  • Military Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
  • Masters of Science in Public Policy and Public Administration, George Mason University
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics and Management, U.S. Coast Guard Academy


Areas of Expertise

  • Homeland Security Governance, Operations, Policy, and Budget
  • Crisis Management Planning and Continuity of Operations
  • Domestic and International Security Requirements and Technology Needs
  • Transportation Security Operations, Policy and Risk Management
  • Maritime Security, Counter-Terrorism and Defense Operations, Policy and Risk Management
  • Organizational Operations, Management, and Leadership

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