Alan Wehler

Director, Regulatory Risk

Alan Wehler helps Fortune 50 companies unpack and address technology and security regulatory issues 

including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Digital Services Act, and the U.S. Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence. 

Alan is a Trust & Safety and maturity program expert. He has built The Chertoff Group’s proprietary Trust & Safety maturity model and has worked with companies to design and build their own maturity models for a variety of bespoke security-related capabilities. He helps companies prioritize and address risks identified through Trust & Safety assessments and maturity program activities. 

Alan works with large corporations to enhance understanding of policy issues and develop and execute engagement strategies. He assists business leaders to address the privacy and security-related strategic challenges facing their organizations.  

He manages high-profile technology and security policy engagements for major technology companies, law firms, and industry associations. He also counsels clients on geopolitical risk based on their operating footprint and global profile.  

Before joining The Chertoff Group, Alan held various policy research roles on nuclear weapons proliferation and homeland security programs. He also worked for the Department of Defense’s Wounded Warrior Programs.  

Engagement Highlights

  • Works with clients to engage in encryption-related policy discussions with key stakeholders and raise awareness about the role of encryption technologies in securing government, corporate, and consumer data.
  • Conducted a Red Team analysis, including regulatory, political, public relations, and process risks, regarding the proposed sale of a major technology asset by a Fortune 50 company to a foreign buyer and provided follow-on strategic advice support to the seller.
  • Managed multiple evaluations of the safety incident capabilities of major “sharing economy” technology platforms in support of their broader trust, safety, and security programs.
  • Assisted a client in its efforts to establish a workable legal framework for transnational law enforcement data requests and supported stakeholder engagement efforts to inform policy proposals and build support for the effort.
  • Developed long-form white papers on major technology policy issues including the role of encryption in securing user data and national security considerations related to the domestic deployment of 5G technologies. 


  • M.A., George Washington University
  • B.A., The College of William and Mary

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